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Post-Surgical Massage

Post-surgical treatment massage is one of our services used to help remove excess fluid from the body via urination after having cosmetic surgery. Post-surgical massage is highly recommended for cosmetic surgery recovery patients to reduce swelling, fluid collection, and scar tissue formation. Massage sessions at Body Contour & Recovery are one hour in length. They include post-op massage, therapeutic ultrasound, cold therapy, red light therapy, and various non-invasive techniques at the practitioner's discretion to help optimal recovery.

*We offer per-session massage treatments, ten or twenty-session packages*

Pre-Op IV Treatments
Post-Op IV Treatments

Pre-surgical and post-surgical IV hydration therapy is a service that is highly beneficial to help protect the immune system against illness, restore the body with nutrients, and electrolytes, reduce inflammation, and repairs cells for optimal recovery. After cosmetic surgery, the body becomes dehydrated and loses a lot of electrolytes and nutrients, which can slow down proper body healing. IV hydration therapy can be provided one week before surgery pre-op, and it can be provided after surgery post-op.  

Immune Wellness IV Therapy

Recovery IV Therapy

Energy IV Therapy

Pure IV Therapy

Post-Surgery Faja

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