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Non-Invasive Body Contouring

Our non-invasive body contouring sessions are perfect for post-surgery body maintenance. If you have scheduled post-surgery massages with us, we will begin the next phase of your post-surgery treatment sessions once your massage sessions are complete, with non-invasive body contouring at the appropriate time as your body heals.



Ultrasonic Cavitation 

It causes fat cells to break apart and liquefy below the skin's surface. Helps with inch loss, contouring, reshaping, and body sculpting. It promotes blood circulation and reduces fat cells with sound and heat waves. Improves and reduces the appearance of cellulite. 

Laser Lipolysis

Slowly breaks down fat cells causing them to shrink and soften. Helps with inch loss.

Radio Frequency

Remolds tissues and encourages collagen production. Penetrates the dermis layer of the skin, promoting skin tightening and collagen growth.​

Sauna Detox

It facilitates detoxification, increases metabolism, and weight loss, increases blood circulation, pain reduction, skin rejuvenation, improves cardiovascular function, improves immune function, improves sleep, helps relieve stress, and promotes relaxation.

Wood Therapy

Tools are used to assist the body in the excretion of stubborn fat, and toxins, reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten and tone the body, all while contouring to achieve the hourglass figure desired.

wood therapy.jpg

*At this time, we are only scheduling non-invasive body contouring appointments for clients who are currently receiving post-op massages at Body Contour and Recovery.*

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