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Body Contour Aesthetics & Wellness is a post-operative care company in Raleigh, NC. We are known for providing safe and educational post-operative services to cosmetic surgery clients, such as Brazilian Butt Lifts, Mommy Makeovers, Lipo 360, and more! At Body Contour Aesthetics & Wellness, we take pride in assisting our clients with a speedy and safe recovery after cosmetic surgery.


  • We aim to provide a safe and speedy recovery for all our clients.

  • Body Contour Aesthetics & Wellness is locally owned and operated.

  • We pride ourselves that Body Contour Aesthetics & Wellness is centered around educating our clients!

Meet Kia! One of our Registered Nurses. 

With 15 years of healthcare experience working in various areas such as the Emergency Department, Cancer, and Med-Surg, my background also includes being a certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist.

Not only do I assist clients to recover after having cosmetic surgery, but I have first line experience with recovering from cosmetic surgery. I have experienced cosmetic procedures and the healing process just as you and I know what it takes to recover.

With each service offered at Body Contour and Recovery, I am dedicated to helping all clients reach their overall body image goals while enhancing their self-confidence. Thank you for choosing Body Contour and Recovery for your cosmetic surgery recovery care and non-invasive body contouring needs.

As I like to say, “Happy recovery & happy body goals.” 

-Kia M., RN, MLD-C

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